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Coloring Pages for Self-distancing

Hey everybody!

I know things have been a little difficult in the last couple of weeks. My province is currently in a state of emergency because people haven’t been taking COVID-19 as seriously as they should. I hope you all are staying at home as much as possible, and a huge thank you to essential workers going out and keeping things running. You guys working at pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, law enforcement, emergency services, social development, you are so important. You deserve to be treated much better than you are. I’m very grateful for your hard work.

I wanted to do my part to lighten the mood a little, so I took all the drawings I’ve done digitally and made them into coloring pages. Feel free to download, share, whatever you’d like to do! I would also love to see your finished products! Please send your pictures to me via any of my socials! You can find them here!

Enjoy, stay safe, wash your hands!

Feel free to download the PDF here: coloring pages

A drawing of Steven Universe character Amethyst eating a popsicle A drawing of Animal Crossing character Apple walking with a floating present and tree in the backgroud