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Small Amigurumi Pattern

Hello all! I can’t believe this is my first post ever on my brand-spankin’ new website! Welcome everybody! As a first post, please enjoy this small amigurumi crochet pattern that I created.

Small crochet doll of Danny SexbangSo if you’ve followed me for a bit, you know that I absolutely adore NSP, especially Danny Sexbang! I’m a huge dork, what can I say? Their sense of humour directly overlaps with mine. You should check them out if you don’t love them already, here’s their website!

I made this little Dan a while back with the intent of sending him to NSP, along with a little Ninja Brian of course. As a result, I developed this pattern! I’ve used this pattern to make many different commissions since it’s relatively quick and looks very cute.

If you would like a printable version of this small amigurumi pattern, there is one available on my Ravelry store for $2.50 USD. Please do not resell or reproduce this pattern, but feel free to sell any creations you make using it. If you need any help, feel free to contact me!

Also: if you’d like to commission one of these, please check out my Etsy store! Happy hooking!

Small Amigurumi Pattern!

What you’ll need:

  • 4.00mm/G-6 hook
  • Worsted weight yarn, at least 3 colors (hair color, skin color, and body/clothes color)
  • Yarn needle
  • 2 buttons or safety eyes
  • Embroidery floss & needle (optional)
  • Felt (optional)
  • Pet brush (optional)
  • Straightening iron (optional)

The finished amigurumi from this small amigurumi pattern is about 4 inches tall, depending on your tension. To create the body, basically you will be making the legs, sewing them together, and then crocheting around them. Therefore, make the legs before the body!


Start with hair color for amigurumi with hair. If they don’t have hair, just use skin tone throughout.

R1: 6sc in a magic ring (6sc)
R2: Inc six times (12sc)
R3: [1sc, inc] six times (18sc)
R4: [2sc, inc] six times. In last sc of round, switch to skin color and fasten off hair color (24sc)
R5-11: sc around (24sc)
R12: [2sc,dec] six times (18 sc)
R13: [1sc, dec] six times (12 sc)
R14: Dec six times, fasten off and leave tail for sewing (6sc)

Legs (make 2)

R1: 6sc in magic ring (6sc)
R2: Inc six times (12 sc)
R3-5: Sc around (12 sc)
Fasten off, leave tail for sewing on the first leg. When you’re done the second leg, DO NOT cut the yarn! Sew the two legs together with the tail from the first leg, using 4sc spaces. Then, move onto the body!


R1-9: Sc around (20 sc) (if you’re planning on giving your little amigurumi a shirt, change colors from the pants color to the shirt color on round 3)
R10: [3sc, dec] x 4 (16 sc)
R11: [2sc, dec] x 4 (12 sc)
R12: [sc, dec] x 4 (8 sc)
R13: 4 dec (4 sc)
Fasten off. Sew head onto the body.

Arms (make 2)

If you’re giving your amigurumi sleeves, start in the shirt color.
R1: 6sc in magic ring (6sc)
R2: [sc, inc] x 3 (9sc)
R3-8: sc around (9sc) (for t-shirt sleeves, switch to skin tone at round 4, for long sleeves at round 7)
R9: [sc, dec] x 3 (6sc)
Fasten off, leave tail for sewing. Sew arms onto body.

Hair (2 different ways!)

Method 1: Curly Hair wefts

Cut tons of pieces of yarn twice the desired length of the hair. Don’t worry about making it too even, you can always trim it afterwards. Cut 2-3 longer pieces of yarn or embroidery floss that matches the hair yarn’s color, about 4-5 inches. Then, unravel all the little pieces. Most worsted weight yarns have 4 fibers twisted together. Save 1 small piece from the unraveling to measure out more small bits if necessary. After, unravel the longer pieces of yarn but only so you have 2 strands together. If you’re using embroidery floss for the longer pieces, don’t unravel them.
Here’s a quick doodle of what it should look like:

A diagram of the short pieces and long pieces required to make hair wefts for the small amigurumi pattern


Once you have those, it’s time to make the wefts! To make them, tie a knot at the end of one of the long yarn bits. Then, loop a single piece of the small piece like this diagram shows and pull through the loop: A diagram showing how to tie the short strands to the long strands to make wefts for the hair of the small amigurumi pattern
Do this until it looks like a big strand of hair!
If you’re just doing curly hair, keep making wefts and then sew them onto your amigurumi’s head, and you’re all done!

Method 2: Straight hair wefts

Follow all the above steps, but instead of sewing the wefts onto the amigurumi’s head right away, brush them out with a pet brush. There’s gonna be quite a bit of fluff coming off the wefts, so don’t be concerned. You might want to make more wefts if you want your amigurumi’s hair to be thicker.

When no more fibers come off the weft when you brush, you can start straightening. I set my hair straightener to low/medium depending on the yarn fibers, start low and if you notice it’s not straightening the yarn into soft, silky hair, up the temperature. Straighten it like you would normal hair, pulling on it gently and brushing the weft with the pet brush between ironings.
I used the same yarn to make these two fellas’ hair. You can see the difference just plain unraveled yarn fibers and brushed/straightened ones on these two amigurumi:

One curly-haired and one straight-haired small amigurumi side by side


And that’s it! You’re all done! This small amigurumi pattern is excellent for beginners, but again feel free to reach out if you need some help or check out my Etsy store. A crochet plush always makes a great gift, please feel free to send me pics of your finished product! I would love to post them here! With that, I’ll see you in a little bit with something else for you to make. As always, happy DIY-ing and happy hooking!